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Ana Isabel, 35 years old, is the mother of 3 children. She endured the pain of gallstones for 9 years because she was terrified of having surgery! Now, she is pain free and so happy that she came to Mission of Hope for surgery!

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Andres, 62 years old, is a farmer who has been in pain from a large hernia for 15 years! His brother told him about us, so he borrowed money for bus fare and rode the bus all night! After a successful surgery, he is now pain free!

Nicasia profile pictureNicasia is a 50 year old single mom who lives in Santa Cruz with her 3 sons, aged 14, 16, and 20. Her husband abandoned her shortly after her youngest son was born. She earns her living by cooking and serving lunch from a small area of her house with 3 tables. Her 20 year old son cooks, and her 17 year old son works for a bakery to help her with expenses. He gets up at 3 am every morning to go to work. He sells bread in the market until 9 am, then comes home and helps her until noon, then goes to school.

About 5 years ago, Nicasia started gaining weight and having pain in her abdomen. As she continued to gain weight, she went to a doctor, who told her that she had a cyst. The doctor told her that the cyst would dry up on its own and that she did not need surgery. She went to a second doctor who told her the cyst had disappeared.

Nicasia continued to gain weight and have pain. One of her neighbors took her to the Mission of Hope clinic. She was sent for an ultrasound, which showed “something real big inside.” Nicasia had a successful surgery to remove a 9 lb. ovarian cyst! She feels much lighter now, and 5 years of pain has ended! Meanwhile, her lunch business continues. While she recovers, her daughter-in-law is filling in for her so that she does not lose her faithful clientele. She says she is “very thankful and happy.”

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