On February 3rd, 2018, the Mission of Hope clinic high up in the Andes Mountains of Sucre, Bolivia celebrated 5 years of providing free medical care to the Quechua Indian people of Sucre and beyond.  It was quite a celebration! 

    Clinic staff and friends in the local community brought cakes, flowers, and food.  Local musicians came and serenaded us with traditional instruments.  Various staff members gave testimonies of their experiences working at Mission of Hope, and the story was told of how this clinic came into existence!


sucre anniversary party anniversary cake traditional music


    Many of the patients who come to the Sucre clinic are seeing a real medical doctor for the first time in their lives and hearing the Gospel in their Quechua language for the first time in their lives.  We hear story after story of how they went to their local witch doctor for healing but did not get well.  Now, as they experience healing for the first time, many are giving their hearts to Jesus!

    Word has spread far and wide about the clinic in Sucre. There is a line outside when the clinic opens each morning. Patients walk for miles to get there, walking for hours on footpaths!

    It was a wonderfully festive occasion as we celebrated all that God has done in these first 5 years of Mission of Hope Sucre!  To God be the Glory!!


sucre waiting room
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